‘I slept with my pastor’s wife yet he was targeting mine’ Brags city man (Audio)

During yesterdays morning conversation on Classic 105, Maina Kageni gave women a chance to open up on why they trust their pastors more than their husbands.

It is an open secret that women are more talkative as compared to men thus the need to constantly have someone listening to them.

On the other hand, a majority of Kenyan men are very poor when it comes to listening to their women.

Here is what the fans had to say

“This is not Netflix nor Miami in the African setting a woman’s only dream is to be a home maker. The reason they run to the pastors is because they are not willing to hear the truth.

Mwalimu Kingangi will easily tell Mwongeli that he does not like the company she is keeping, but a pastor will easily convince a woman to let him pray for her husband so that God can change him.”

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mid adult couple holding hands and praying
mid adult couple holding hands and praying

Another adds

“If I am in a marriage and I have a pastor I will go talk to him if I have an issue. I have a belief that if I have an issue he can pray over it.

If we are having issues and it can’t be handled by other people, there has to be someone to intercede and that is where the pastor comes in.”

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Another male fan adds

“Kwanza these pastors need to be vetted.Take an example of my neighbor, he chased away his wife and turned his house into an office.

The funny thing is that all his clients are women and they come one by one at weird hours.”


Another fan poses the query on why women feel that male pastors are the only ones who can solve their problems

“Why do these women only go to male pastors? Don’t we have female clergies who can solve their issues? I need an answer from you and these women you are strongly defending.”

Another caller confesses that he took away his pastors wife

“Maina kuna another pastor who used to keep coming to my house. His wife would also complain of how the husband leaves them without help.

I decided to take advantage of that and started dating his wife without his knowledge. He is now divorced. While before the pulpit he is a pastor but beyond that he is a man like every one else.

Women should understand that pastors go through the same struggles as everyone else.”


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