‘I slept with my boss’ hubby and my husbands best friend’ Brags woman

A woman shocked Classic 105’s listeners after confessing to sleeping with her husbands best friend, as revenge for beating her up.

As if that is not shocking enough, she even confessed to sleeping with the husband to her former employer, and the motive was revenge as well.

She says

“Maina as for me I slept with the husband to my former boss after she gave me a very bad lecturer. I was working in Runda as a house help in a 22 roomed house.

Despite the pay being good, I still remember that day when she lectured me so bad just because I had made an effort to correct the kids.

So one day I waited while the husband was walking down the stairs in preparation for a trip abroad.

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black couple flirt

I had worked for her for three years.

I intentionally let my skirt zip open and it fell down just as we were passing each other.

I pretended how sorry I was but the fact remains that he had seen what was beneath the skirt and he liked it. Later after that we slept together and the anger I felt towards the women eased.

I had avenged so we were equal.”

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She then adds

“On to a different story, my husband used to seriously batter me over very petty issues, so I decided that I would revenge and that I did.

I went out and slept with his very best friend.He hurt my body every time he beat me but I revenged and hurt his emotions, esteem and everything dear to him.”

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