‘I shared my fantasies with him and he did it just like I have always desired’ Woman brags about infidelity on live radio (Audio)

Wanawake hawana siri is a common phrase used by men when asked why they don’t confide in their women, opting to die with their secrets.

Maina Kageni was left stunned when a female confessed how she shared her bedroom fantasies with another man. She defended herself by stating that no matter how much effort she tries to put to encourage her husband, it’s pointless.

“I am an orphan and my husband of 8 years is a very quiet man, whenever I have a problem I cannot even share it with him. Sometimes we go through very hard issues I’d want to share with him but he is always silent mpaka you cannot know if he does not care about you ama ni pesa hana.”

She continues

“Sometime back I had pain in my abdomen but even after I shared with him he just went quiet. There is this male friend of mine he has taken care of me so much till it got to a point I was comfortable sharing my secrets with him.

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He is usually very concerned you will find him asking if I am ok or whether I have visited a doctor. I ask my husband anything and he is just quiet, it reached a point where I shared about my se3ual fantasies with this man.

This is because I talk to my husband about my fantasies and he does nothing but when I visited this guy he did it so well, just the way I have always desired.”

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She concludes

“If men were more talkative women would not be straying as much as they do.”

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Would you share your se3ual fantasies with someone else other than your man?

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