Vanessa Mdee and Juma Jux

‘I see loneliness in your eyes’ Juma Jux tells Vanessa Mdee 



Months after their breakup, Juma Jux still thinks alot about Vanessa so much so that he dedicated a new song about ‘desperately missing her’.

Juma Jux premiered the new music video for his hit single from latest Album “The Love Album”. sio mbaya. He told fans that the new song is about his most recent ex, who we know to be Vanessa Mdee.


‘I’ve cried for hours’ Vanessa Mdee speaks about break-up with Juma Jux

I know there is alot you are not saying I see loneliness in your eyes, please just call me, I miss you mama please call me and tell me

I never spoke ill of you, you were so good, please let me know what I did, I miss your pretty face and I see the loneliness in your face. Tell me what’s bothering you, 

your heart wants to but your head is telling you different

kwangu mimi sio mbaya nielelze moyo wako unataka, why can’t you say what you are thinking?

Vanessa is currently in a relation ship with Rotimi and the two have been treating us to cute pictures and videos of the great times they are having in quarantine.


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Juma’s fans noticed the similarities of the video vixen to Vanessa and commented as much.

Back in November 2019, Juma dropped by the Classic 105 studios, where he told Maina that Vanessa is the inspiration behind his music.

‘She really added a lot to the album. I had been with her for 5 years. Life goes on. Before recording, I really interrogated my ideas.’ he told Maina.


Here is the song that has fans asking Vanessa to listen to Jux

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