‘I saw a prominent female politician naked in our parking lot’ – Audio

A Classic 105 fan shocked many after confessing that he once caught a Kenyan aspiring politician running naked around a parking lot in the wee hours of the morning.

*Steve* called in to contribute to the discussion after fans concluded that a woman who had bragged about dating a married man and living lavish at his expense, was being fattened for a sacrifice.

Maina that man might be a devil worshiper. He might have been told not to sleep with her before producing her on the sacrifice table. Tell her to be careful.

‘Witchcraft is so rampant in Muranga and Kitui’ Shouts city man

Here is what Steve had to say

Maina there is a day I wanted to go upcountry and since I did not have my car I had to wake up early to catch the first matatu at Nyamakima. 

I found a woman completely naked in the parking going round people’s cars and pouring salt around them. It is not just any woman but a woman who contested in the MCA seat.

She is among the ‘big’ women so she looked like a baby hippo.

Maina be very careful because they are amongst us and they have no tail, they eat where you eat and they have no sticker on them reading ‘devil worshiper’.

You go to the same joints you go they might even buy you a drink without you even realizing it.

Here is the audio with that story

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