Nana Owiti with King Kaka

“I said hi first” King Kaka’s wife Nana reveals in True and False quiz


Shooting your shot takes alot of motivation and that is a strategy that King Kaka’s wife Nana employed when approaching him.

She revealed to a curious fan that she chatted him first and encouraged girl to think about doing it rather than wait for the man to make a move.

She just went for it and it turned out great. She shared her incredible story of their encounter in a Q&A with fans below:

nana shot(1)
Nana Owiti

She has previously opened up about making the first move

“I made the first move on King Kaka, of course, he is the one who did the chasing, we met at a movie shop and I was like, hey sasa, unakaa poa. See where it landed me, I did not die. It’s all about shooting your shot. Ladies can do this as well” she revealed on Chat Spot.

My ex-boyfriend tied me up and kidnapped me-King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti reveals

But fans weren’t done with their curiosity about her relationship with the singer. Two naughty followers asked questions about twa twa, while another wanted to know if the singer has a side thing. Really guys?

Here are her smart answers.

king vajo(1)

Nana and King Kaka have been married for nana co wife(1)

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