I regret wasting years of my life with my exe


Are you wasting your best years on the wrong guy?

Life is too short to waste on the wrong guy, was the resounding theme from female callers on Classic 105 on the topic of men wasting womens time.

Hst Maina Kageni sought to know from women if they are in a relationship and feel that their time is being wasted. The responses were quick.

Three woman called in with their tales of time wasters and how they got over it.

One woman told of her heartbreaking story of spoiling her ex rotten with cash gifts only to realize he wasted her life.

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I’ve been a victim. I once dated this useless guy who put me in the box for four years. I was waiting for him to come back from the States. We were initially together for four years – two years in Kenya and two years he went to UAE and I was the one sending money for his upkeep in UAE and then I saw he is wasting my time after four years and I decided to move on and just last week I have a new phone from a new man and by the end of the year I will have a new car. My advice to girls is to move on, he never invited me to UAE and he never sent me anything most of the time I sent him money

Another said how she was ready to walk away if the man wasn’t going to commit.

I was very attached to a young guy. We dated for like five years and every year he introduced me to his family as only a girlfriend and I was like why am I wasting time and I am young and now when i dropped the relationship. I got into another and got married quickly and I’m happy now, anazubaa tuu introducing me like a girlfriend. When he heard I was married, he came back to tell me we get back together, but I reminded him that he wasted my time, and I don’t want him ever in my life. Now I hear he is in America and has married several time, and his family always tell him I wish you married that Luhyia lady, and this man I just met him after three months we were married in fact the first time he got my number,….


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If you are in a relationship that drags you down more than it supports you to rise, then seriously consider if that person is the right life partner for you according to the third woman. She recounted how she and her spouse have become strangers to each other

I regret every minute I married this man because I was really focused. I wanted a family and other goals but then I realized for so many years, over ten years we have nothing to show for it,

She adds that she felt blessed to have him, but along the way things became bumpy

but I don’t mean money or children, I mean emotionally, si ati hana pesa , but I regret it every day and he makes double what I do, it was so hopeful when we were starting and I sit here thinking ngai I have wasted so many years


Your partner, we are always told by experts should elevate you to grow and be a better person, and vice versa. If you’re pining over a man who doesn’t reciprocate your effort, he is just not that into you. Trust your instinct and make a run for it.

If you have to convince someone that you’re worthy of his time and investment, you are wasting years on a man who will probably walk away years later according to the above experiences.

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