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I regret it, Don’t do it! Huddah tells girls about cosmetic surgery


Socialite Huddah has been an open book when it comes to surgery.

She has fixed her flaws with the help of a Miami doctor, but now in revealing confession says she regrets it.

On her Instagram stories, Huddah advised young girls to not bother, calling it troublesome.

She wrote ‘Surgery is the biggest scam lol! If I could advice lots of young girls: Never do it  We all regret it. Booty surgery. I am yet to see a nice butt surgery. All look a little  weird. Boobs is not hard to achieve. A**?Mhhh!!

Adding about her reconstructive surgery “Surgery will never Make you perfect. Just creates  the illusion of perfect. But once you start. That’s it. Never going back!.

Huddah dropped her candid comments after watching a botched surgery vide on The Shade Room an American blog investigative clip on botched surgery.

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