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‘I regret educating my wife’ cries man as he shares traumatic experience of his wife’s abuse (AUDIO)


In the crazy Monday pullout, an article claims that empowerment has spoiled Kenyan women. Do women become a disaster when empowered?

We recently celebrated International Women’s day, and everyone made sure hey shared great messages for the women in their lives.

But one man was having a hard time. He seems to be going through torture after disclosing that he spent loads of cash educating his wife, only for her to change completely. He insists her attitude was good and pleasant when he met her, but it later changed and has been causing him grief.

He revealed saying;

I’m married and I don’t have a problem empowering women. My wife did her degree when we were married. typically our current woman, when you empower her she changes to something else. I can see what I can see from my wife. From what we had and what we have right now. after she is getting to una jua ile kuona kamwangaza kidogo. She has changed very much and still she hasn’t gone so far. So it means if she goes so far, more than she isi today, our lives would drastically change. I have no problem with that I will live with the pain, if it’s getting me to have anger I will be angry all my life, I won’t divorce her, I love my kids, I will keep her to what she will change to. She’s never so polite like she used to be, She becomes the man of the house, She can do anything on her own.

If I could turn back the hands of time, I would not take her to school. I would suggest we survive on what I am making even if it’s Sh500.

I will write books and do videos for my son, to teach him that women are monsters. I want to do it for my son, so that when they grow up they will read what I went through, women are monsters.

When you educate lover hoping to marry her only to be dumped after graduation

Another man said;

There is no bigger lie that has been told to people than women empowerment. Here’s why.

You see in the past a man would be educated then he would finish school, go back to the village and marry a woman, and perhaps take her for a small course or open a small business for her. That’s how life was.. Today the empowered girl will not even think of going back to where she is from a finding a partner from there, lifting them up from poverty.

In this modern era, if your from a poor background as a lady, the chances of a company CEO to marry you are nonexistent. So what do the poor women do? They end up in prostitution. Its a social norm, because the company CEO will probably not want a woman who doesn’t have a degree. Most of these ladies who have degrees are from middle class

Giving your woman education is ok. But being the man of the house, you must draw the lines, whether she is a CEO or whatever, make sure she knows you are the man’, declared anther man, who insisted that a woman must respect a man and he too will respect her.

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