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“I refused to confess defeat with my mouth” How Betty Bayo overcame a broken marriage

Singer Betty Bayo says she did not accept that she was defeated after she lost some precious things in her life.
Speaking on her Facebook page, Bayo recounted five years ago when she almost gave up in life.
She says she lost her marriage, her wealth and could not even afford to feed her children.
All through that time, Bayo was a celeb and feared to even share what she was going through with her parents.
She say her faith in God remained intact and kept her moving.
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“Sometime back 5 yrs ago .when I was still a celeb . I reached a point I felt like giving up I lost almost everything .. I lost my car my house . My happiness my marriage ..I remember I could not even feed my own kids with balance diet ..I stayed 6 month without paying my rent or my house girl but she was soo patient,” she wrote
“I did want to share with anyone including my mum what was going through coz nobody would believe.. most friends walinitoroka .but one thing I never lost was my FAITH in God. I was broke in the pocket but not in my head .. thought I was down. Nlikataa kuconfess defeat with my own mouth .FINALLY God remembered me again..”

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