‘I rank people who love their parents very highly’ says Anita Nderu as she proudly shows off her parents

Anita Nderu is loved by many for her energy on the screens but not much is known about her immediate family especially her parents.

Well Anita is blessed to have beautiful parents whom she inherited her good looks from and siblings whom she adores.


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Anita Nderu has a brother Kinyanjui Nderu who is a graphic designer, and he describes himself as a foodie and a rally fanatic.

She also has a beautiful sister Vanessa Nderu who is an event organizer, a true replica of Anita it is obvious that beauty runs in the family.

Vanessa Nderu

That’s not all Anita Nderu has one more brother Kariuki Nderu who according to Anita hates public gatherings.

Here are photos of Anita Nderu’s immediate family

Anita Nderu’s mum and dad
Family photo of Anita Nderu with her parents and siblings


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Daddy’s girl,Anita Nderu enjoying some bonding with her dad

Anita Nderu is not only talented in TV presenting but she is also a ball of energy behind the radio.

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