‘I queried God when I did not die after two suicide attempts’ Grace Ekirapa

Grace Ekirapa has opened up on how she tried committing suicide not once but twice without success during her teenage years.

Taking to her Instagram, the Cross over host said that talking about the issue did not come easy given that it brought many memories of a past that was not pretty.

She says

“Doing this video was really not easy. It brought with it a lot of emotions because here I was again unwrapping a past that was not pretty, however, as I let you all in on a little of my life’s journey, I hope somebody finds hope and restoration because their is definitely hope and Jesus is still Lord. So, Finally some parts of the video on Depression and Suicide. The full video will be uploaded on my YouTube page but you can also check my IGTV. Stay blessed and stay happy. 

Grace Ekirapa

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She says

“I believe that depression has a cure,its nothing that cannot be dealt with but suicide is also tied to depression.

For us to stop suicide we have to deal with depression. I am talking from experience because, alot of people don’t know this but when I was in Class 8 I tried committing suicide.”

She added more to her shocking revelation:

“I took 18 pills and given the fact that I was unwell at the time I was also on antibiotics. I decided to swallow them all and just end my life.”


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That was not the end of her suicide attempts:

“In form three I tried again a,so I took 35 pills given that the 18 I had taken the previous time did not kill me I though to my self that 35 would do the job.

People did not understand why a 17 year old like me would want to commit suicide,What prompted that decision was all the negative energy surrounding me.

I had always been a sickly child and people at some point thought that I was faking my ilness to stay away from school,even my own parents did not believe me.”


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