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‘I prayed about it and worked hard for it’ top makeup artiste Muthoni Njomba on taking her son to Dubai for his birthday

Celebrated makeup artiste Muthoni Njomba has given her cute son the best birthday gift ever – a trip to Dubai.

Muthoni, who is a single mum, is doing her best to raise her son but she admits it’s not a smooth ride.

Posting about the exciting news, Muthoni penned about how at one time she could not afford anything he asked for.

Sharing a video on her Instagram, Muthoni wrote

“My sons reaction when I told him we are going to @legolanddubaifor his Birthday this week brought us all to tears. I never make promises to him that I can’t keep and this was one promise I made him a couple of years ago so I put it on my vision board, prayed about it and worked hard for it. My son got emotional because he has been on this journey with me, there was a time I couldn’t afford anything, literally nothing, not food, clothes or rent and he was so encouraging and always understanding when I told him I couldn’t afford to pay for something he wanted. I am so thankful for my sons humility he never takes anything for granted and is always so grateful ♥️🙏🏾 His fabulous grandmother @jaynekariithi caught this moment on video, she struggled keeping it a secret from her grandson so when she couldn’t keep it any longer she forced me to tell him two days before our trip 😂 I love you mum 😘”

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 In an earlier post, she reminisced on how she became a mum at only 22, adding that children learn from us thus we should be wise in whatever we do and speak.

“#sundayreflections My son came into my life when I was 22yrs old and now that I’m 32yrs old the one thing I know for sure, as a Mother, is that children learn best from watching our actions. We can speak all the wise words we want them to hear but no matter what we say, if our actions don’t match our words then we deny them the most valuable life lessons.
My first 3yrs in motherhood I tried to live a life that was impressive to others, I chose to work in highly respectable corporate job, I spent endless hours putting on an act of what was seen as the right way to live as a working Mother which honestly was so draining, I wasn’t living the life that I wanted and it put a strain on my relationship with my son because inside I was stressed out and depressed. I was 25yrs old when I decided to take responsibility for my own happiness and the first thing I did was to start living my truth even if people would judge me for it. My dream to be a Make-up Artist was confusing to many but for once my life made sense and I was happy.

All the comfort, luxuries and securities were gone and yet I was waking up with a heart filled with joy and so much love and attention to give my son. You cannot give what you don’t have and you cannot teach what you haven’t lived. Who you are teaches your child more than anything.
Being a Mother over the last decade I am so grateful that this role challenged me to be true to myself, to chase my dreams, live my passion, to wake up with a purpose every morning and to give back through mentorship and charity. I live as an example, doing all these things not only to enjoy life but to also teach my son life lessons that he can learn from watching my actions.🙏🏾 #motherhood #grateful #livingbypassion #lifelessons”

Her post gave other single mothers the strength to push on and below are some of their comments


anne_mbela:God bless such a beautiful soul you have. I pray that my children may grow up with such humility. This brought me to tears
maggychassy: Awaaaaah u made me cry too am a single mum too so I know wat u going thru May God bless u guys much love from mombasa
gich_joan: I’m in tears. Been there, where you can’t afford nothing, but my son’s love keeps me going. Total GOALS!!! Enjoy the trip
ashley_mungai: This is so awesome. I’m encouraged. I hope to give this to my son someday

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