I pray for my husbands downfall every morning – Woman testifies

Many wives pray for their husbands not to succeed financially because they know their men will change for the worse.

These confessions were made on the Tuesday morning conversation with Maina and Kingangi. The topic was a continuation of Monday where women told Maina that their husbands don’t consult them when running for office. The women also added they would never give their men the support they need to achieve their political dream, and infact women pray the men don’t win.

So on Tuesday a wife told Maina that she gets down on her knees every morning for her husband not to make it financially.

She told an amused Maina that it’s because he uses the money to entertain others out there ‘anaendanga anasma ansikia baridi analala inje’

The wife described how one day her husband got 50,000 shillings, and she prayed he would lose it. True to her prayer, he got robbed.

‘akipata pesa atatuacha, when he has nothing he is very good, but let him make something anaazna kuona hizo matuta zako sio nzuri he goes out there/ I actually pray for him not to succeed, why should he? Hr wont even raise the kids well. kila siku naomba asubuhi na mapema before atoke, I pray akipata pesaa ipotee, there is a time he got 50k, alipatana na wakora, I laughed at it, nilifurahi, otherwise ingeona mtu,’

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