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‘I panicked and ran back into my bedroom’ Jacque Maribe narrates how Jowie came home soaked in blood

Jacque Maribe and fiancé Joseph Irungu/ Jowie are still in remand over the murder of Monicah Kimani.

We can now reveal part of her confession contained in an affidavit  of what transpired

“I love you and I am sorry”

These were the words Joseph Irungu aka Jowie repeatedly told Jacque Maribe after visiting her home on September 19. In her statement to the DCI, seen by the Star, Maribe said her fiancé came back home on the said day crying and apologized for what she did not know.

Jowie left emotional as his mum appears in court to support him over Monicah Kimani’s murder case (photo)

The two are the prime suspects in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani. The latter was found dead in her apartment on September 21.


Jacque Maribe and Jowie in Court
Jacque Maribe and Jowie in Court

They denied the charge before Justice Jessie Lessit on Monday and are expected in court on Wednesday for further directions on their case.

Maribe said

 “I had gone to bed by the time he returned. He came to my room crying and telling me he was sorry.”

I told him my child was sleeping and that he should stop making noise lest he woke the child from sleep. He kept crying that ‘Jacque I am sorry’, but I ignored him.”

Jacque Maribe with her fiancee Joseph Irungu alias Jowie
Jacque Maribe with her fiancee Joseph Irungu alias Jowie

After some minutes, Maribe stated that Jowie walked to a closet in her house after which she heard a gunshot.

“I jumped out of bed and went to the closet, and found him lying on the floor. Blood was oozing from his upper left chest area,” she said.

She added that Jowie kept on apologizing to her sending her into a panic mode.Addig that

“He was repeatedly saying ‘I love you. I am sorry.’ I panicked and ran back into my bedroom for my phone.”

Maribe said by the time she came back, Jowie was gone.

“I left the house and ran outside towards Brian Kassaine’s house where I found him lying down.”

Brian is Maribe’s neighbour. He was released on a free bond but ordered to report to the DCI every Thursday.

“Brian’s wife Cate also ran outside to where Joseph was lying. He was still bleeding from the chest,” Jacque told the detectives.

On Monday, Jowie, burst into tears after his mother hugged him in court before his murder charge was read out.

Jowie has been in custody for a month. He and his fiance Maribe were charged with killing Monica Kimani.

Another man who had been detained in connection with the killing was released.

Brian Kassaine is now a prosecution witness. He is said to have helped detectives to piece together the events of the night the crime was committed.

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