‘I pamper my wife by preparing her bath everyday’ Man brags 


Everyone appreciates a thoughtful gesture from a loved one, but prepare for your heart to melt all over the place after hearing how one man goes the extra mile to show his wife how much he cares about her well-being.

In Kenya this is what we call ‘mwanaume kamili’ (a total man).

Why? Simply put, he is one of a kind compared to most of his peers.

The married man made his special confession on Classic 105 saying how he pampers his wife

When you get married the lady is not a maid, she is not a maid, you have to help each other.


This husband goes above and beyond to help his wife relax after a long day at work.

I am living in Thika and she works in Nairobi. . I call her when she is about to come home, and prepare salad for her to eat when she comes home. Then while she is eating the salad, I prepare her bath and I cook dinner.

Can we please get the drum rolls for husband of the year award?


He continues

We are happy, I am happy to do this. It’s now 15 years down the line doing this and I have no issues doing it

there should not be a case that a man doesn’t help. We need to help each other because either of the two must help and that is family


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