I own only two boxers that I wear for a month without washing

Men out here are not showering because it’s cold and what’s worse is they are not washing their boxers, preferring to repeat the innerwear for days on end.

Classics Mwalimu Kingangi confirmed these disgusting details, while also admitting he skips showering on cold days.

‘Bora uhai what is better? I die of pneumonia, life kwanza mimi natetemekanga, you know uzuri  with men there is a way our hormones are, zinajua, our pores breath differently, we are made differently, ndio unaona hatupakangi sabuni, ama mafuta”

A caller said his wife doesn’t even know that he doesn’t wash his boxers, and that he owns two. He argued that he doesn’t wash because he doesn’t have time to do it. He is very busy.boxerswashedatapartment

‘sio kupenda kwetu ni vile tuliumbwa, tunajipata tuu, hakuna mtu hunioshea mimi najipata mwezi mmoja bila kuosha. All I do s smell it, ukinusia unapata inanukaa unauliza maji ndio uoshe.Hata bibi hajui kama naosha hiyo kitu. I have two underwear I  wear for a month, unapata ukona pesa lakini, niko na mbili actually ni moja, sio kupenda kwetu  so many men are in this situation” He pleaded for understanding.

Girls, now you know how disgusting men can be.

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