Vera Sidika in her Range Rover

‘I only deal with authentic designer item,’ Vera Sidika shows off her 150k handbag

Socialite and business woman Vera Sidika has responded to fans who have been speculating that she buys fake designer items.

A while ago, Vera was on a trip to the UK where she picked a few items and one of those she claimed to have purchased is a designer bag at a whooping Sh 520,000. Hope you remember about it.

The socialite who has a taste for the finest things money can buy also spoilt herself with another designer handbag.

Yesterday, she shared a photo of herself with the Louis Vuitton handbag and one fan asked where she could get such a bag.

Vera did not take it lightly, she was forced to show receipt of the prices to clarify to her fans that it was a legit brand.

MarilynWanjiru wrote;

‘I really like your bag, where can I get please.’

Vera responed’

‘I bought it from Louis Vuitton stores in Beverly hills.’


‘Lakini by the way, someone sees me with LV bag and still asks me where i it from. Girl, the LV stores ofcourse where else do you think I got it from. if you need specifics. LV stores on rodeo drive, Beverly Hills California. Also needs receipts check next post.’

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Check out the screenshots of her 150,000 Louis Vuitton’s bag;

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