‘I never thought I would be called a mum’ the late Janet Kanini’s husband opens up as he celebrates parenthood

His wife was a darling to many for her energy on the screen

Janet lost her life in April 2017 after battling Lung cancer for sometime. She had initially been diagnosed with cancer in 2015.

She left behind two kids and her husband George Ikua is doing a good job to keep the family together even though it has not been easy.

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In a recent interview with Sauti ya Mama, George talked about how they met and dated for six years before deciding to walk down the aisle. He said;

“If you knew Janet, she was a headstrong human being. And we had a very strong relationship. My son is extremely smart and bright as his mother. He’s a very kind soul. while Jasmine is like me, very noisy and loud. Very protective of her brother.”On 1st April, when Janet died, the media had already shared the story and I dragged my kids upstairs and told them mommy had gone to heaven. Jasmine asked, ‘when is she coming back? And Pedro just said ‘so she’s dead!’. He was very old about it.”

George with the love of his life Janet
George with the love of his life Janet

Being a single father and a widower at the same time has not been easy but George is slowly picking up the pieces and keeping strong for his babies.

“I never thought I would be called a mama. Sauti ya mama thank you for reminding me raising kids is a privilege as a custodian of their values and norms, presence not presents are the essence.

Root for your little ones to be articulate, confident, exposed and empowered to be anything they want to be, for those are the markings for a life truly lived. 
Set they attitude and they will fly at any altitude they dream of, not matter the setbacks.

Today I salute all of us making an indelible mark on their kids’ attitude to their future. Happy Parenting.”

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