‘I never loved him, but got pregnant for him now he’s denying me access to my child’

It’s said uchungu wa mwana aujuae ni mzazi, but that is not always the case given that some women find it easy to leave their children.

More often than not women try different desperate tricks to try and win back the men in their life and while some succeed, others fail miserably only worsening the situation.

A city woman’s trick to trap her man backfired on her after leaving behind her child, with the hope that her husband would desperately beg her back. She wrote

“I met a guy in 2014 we got into a relationship he was nice and caring at first. But I wasn’t in love with him so anything he does don’t get to me, I leave my life like I don’t know what his doing not until I became pregnant with his child! And things got worst, he no longer do it outside but do it to my face I was patient praying and hoping for a change, I never told anyone what I was going through not even my family or his family! All I do is cry out my eyes!

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I don’t see him at time 2weeks or more and when his home his phone will not stop ringing. He has come to see my people before now so I moved in with him but told him to wait till I put to bed other things. Now my baby is 3 going to 4 in 3month time. I left the house since 2016 thinking he will come but he never did. Now the question is I want to move on but I don’t want to leave my child behind and he will not let me come carry her what should I do please.”

‘I was too PERFECT but he still dumped me’, Heartbroken city woman cries

Well, here is the response she got to help her solve her dilemma

iamshy_10…Hmmm,you didn’t build the relationship before the pregnancy thinking you guys won’t end up together,maybe he was in other relationship too bcos you were not into him like that,since the foundation is not strong you don’t expect a strong and beautiful buildingall you need now is patient and prayer bcos of your baby,he will turn a new leaf if you give him reasons to do sogood luck

queen_sophizzz….Get a lawyer and file for child custody! You have a 90% chance of the child custody

ruthnkeki…That is why premarital sex is never the right choice…

cenyz_mimy…Some one you don’t have feeling for you slept with him without condom….. Carry your child and move on

bellsucshoyan…Sad but ..leave the child…is his too..make sure u open a contact between u and ur child…but don’t go fighting him for her….his using her to get to u…

abimbolakupuluyi…You don’t like him and u gave birth for him. Why do u want that child to be raised in a broken marriage stand.. please try and mend your marriage or if you can’t don’t open your legs for anyone you don’t love or see a future with before another belle go come in

ogbonnaco…Get a good lawyer and take him to court.

bem.ter…Pray for him to change n prepare to reunite with him.

sylvera1122…Pls go back and settle with him.. Try to get his trust or pity back. When you are sure he is free with you. Pls leave quietly and unnoticed with your child.

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