Amber and Jimal Rohosafi

‘I miss her,’ Jimal Rohosafi posts suggestive message to Amber Ray

Jimal Marlow has hinted that he misses Amber ray despite their breakup.

Jimal disclosed that he is missing someone and fans were full of questions who that could be.

Jimal wrote;

“I miss her (my sweet and sour).” 

In the past, Jimal said that both Amber ray and his first wife, Amira Marlow have an impact in his life.

“There is a point it gets, if you teach the first wife and teach the second wife and see that they are not getting along, you sit back and relax and watch. I cannot say either of them is bad,” he said.

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Amber Ray with Jamal
Amber Ray with Jamal

“Right now, we are where we are. You get to a point where you say we are here now. You cannot stop it or its progression in the future. We are in another level so we sort it out at that level.

On that, I cannot talk about it because no one between the two of them is good. Wote wako na makosa zao. And I have had discussions with both of them privately but they are both adults and they want to do things how they see fit. Let them do what their heart desires.”

Today morning he deleted the statement after his message was home.

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