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‘I miss her’ Bahati cries uncontrollably about late mother on TV

Bahati was interviewed on NTV’s The Trend show this past Friday and showed a side of himself that he doesn’t let the world see, a side so soft and sensitive many were surprised.

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The ‘Mama’ singer spoke about his upbringing and whether he feels his late mother is proud of what he has been able to accomplish.

Tanasha Donna, Diamond, Maina Kageni and Bahati
Tanasha Donna, Diamond, Maina Kageni and Bahati

“When your mum looks down at you from heaven, what do you think she thinks about Bahati?” the presenter asked. With tears rolling down his eyes the hitmaker said;

At times miss her….At times I’m misunderstood but I’m only trying my best, you know, to make her proud. As much as they (ABC children’s home) took care of me, you still miss the love of a mother.

Bahati and Diana Marua looking at their son
Bahati and Diana Marua looking at their newborn son

The singer also explained that he loves to give back to society because of the help that he also received. Bahati also disclosed that since he started EMB Records, he hasn’t earned money from it.

Record labels in Kenya are dead because new artists are not making money. I have never made any money from the artists I have supported ever since I started. It is just in me. Someone supported me so I have to keep supporting them, even when I am insulted for doing it.

Bahati at his EMB records
Bahati at his EMB records

He also told viewers that one day he hopes to open a children’s home in order to assist less fortunate children to lead better lives.

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