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‘I miscarried twice and he called me a murderer’ Tearful woman says

When a woman miscarries a pregnancy, she suffers heartbreak, and this is the moment for the man in her life to step up and be her rock.

Sadly, one Nairobi woman didn’t get the much need emotional support from her boyfriend after suffering two miscarriages.

She shared with Maina Kageni how heartless her boyfriend of five years was that almost saw her get into depression.

“I’ve been dating this guy for five years. I loved him so much  but we parted ways a few weeks ago, we were fine until where if I raise a point he would go on a rage. He never wanted me to ask anything, and he gave me silent treatment, and if I asked him what I’ve done wrong he never told me. So it went on and on to a point where he discarded me. I got pregnant for him and  miscarried. When I told him he got mad and called me a murderer, and he didn’t talk to me for the next  11 days. And then he  came back and talked to me. Then I got pregnant again, lost the baby and he didn’t say anything, he didn’t give me any kind of emotional support and what did he do after that? he kicked me out.”

had 3 miscarriages carrying Diamond’s babies before Daylan! – Hamisapregnant

The boyfriend even mocked her infront of his family about her inability to carry a pregnancy to full term.

” I felt inadequate, he shamed me infront of his family saying ah this woman she can’t even give me a baby, so that’s how inadequate I felt, to be honest I don’t feel it anymore . To me I feel like he had a problem, because all these rage he used to have, today he is loving tomorrow he is raging, coz if you have a woman who loses her baby how can you stand there and call her a murderer? is that normal? he stays away then comes back and everything is normal. by the time he dumped me we had stayed without talking for three months, so by that time I realized that he had someone else”

The most recent famous person to come out and say they miscarried was Hamisa Mobetto, who said she lost 3 pregnancies for Diamond Platnumz. Sadly, her mother in law mocked her for this.

Other celebrities who have been open about miscarriage also include Gospel singer Amani, Nairobi women rep Esther Passaris and Willis Raburu’s wife Marya.

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