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“I love you Wangui” Maina tells King’ang’i that his mum loves his show


A mother who supports your hustle is to be treasured. Are we together?

And we found out this on Tuesday September 14 when Maina Kageni told his co host Mwalimu Kingangi that his mother Rahab Wangui is his biggest fan.

“She listens to my show every morning”

He told how proud he is of his mum to an envious Kingangi “She is on the way to a doctors appointment and is listening to me. She listens everyday”

He lovingly added

“Wangui, I love you. Enjoy your appointment we will talk later. Anaenda Aga Khan Hospital, kuona daktari wake”

Kingangi reminded him how lucky he is to have a supportive mother and Maina agreed

“ai you are lucky imagine mama yako anaskiza station ya kizungu wale wengine wako inooro na mbaite yeye anaskiza ya kizungu”

Maina laughed away agreeing that he is lucky. The proud son gushed “hahaha ndio yeye anaskiza ya kizungu”

Kageni and his mother have the same birth date and June is a very special month they celebrate together.

Dear Classic 105 fam, cherish your parents.

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