I love drama! Maina Kageni responds to Sonko’s interview on Citizen

The recent public exchanges between Sonko and Passaris have gripped the country and also served as an embarrassment according to KOT.

It got worse as Sonko was the guest on Citizen TV Wednesday June 5h, where he exposed private conversations with Passaris, leading to the TV station abruptly ending the interview.

In Thursday’s morning conversation on Classic 105, Maina Kageni’s topic was about Sonko’s behavior.

Maina sought to know from Classic 105 listeners how one deals with a person who cannot keep a secret.

Tokeo la picha la jk live sonko

What do you think about what you saw yesterday with Sonko at the JK live interview?

What could you have done if you were Sonko’s wife?

These are some of the questions that Maina asked. He was however somehow convinced that Sonko was not wrong about what he was doing. He also said that he is hopeful that Sonko will one day ‘anika’ corruption scandals.

Maina dug in with his opinion saying

‘The only thing with Sonko is that you just never know what is coming he might say something that might get you sued. There is something about Sonko that I like. I can’t put my finger on it I just get the sense that cartels fear him.’ 

‘I will sue KAA’ Sonko shouts after having his private parts electrocuted

‘I love drama’ Maina shouted.

The comments from Sonko also elicited mixed reaction.

One of the female callers said, ‘I was so ashamed about that interview because i was even watching it with my husband and son. I wonder what he will advising his children if thus what he does in public. I love my governor but with that he went overboard.

Murang’a MCAs dare Sonko to demolish governor Wa Iria’s house

On the other hand those who were of opinion that what Sonko had done was right said;

What Sonko did was right because he always says what is there and there is no way he could been believed without carrying evidence with him. 

This social media always preach wine and take water. They were not ready to receive the truth as it was and that is why they were stopping him. 

I like our governor because he always says the truth as it is with valid evidence along with him.

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