‘I love BIG things, let me have it all’ Huddah Monroe shouts

Women are known to be more expressive when it comes to matters of the heart. They freely express what they like and what they don’t and Huddah Monroe is no different.

The socialite cum business woman has sarcastically stated what she likes when it comes to matters of men and women between the sheets to the dismay of many.

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The damsel shared her taste and preference in this sarcastically put post;

“People see are alight from my LANDCRUISER V8 , 2018 and they wonder … SMALL BODY , BIG MACHINE I love BIG things. BIG HOUSES, BIG DI**S . BIG BIG BIG … BIG ANYTHING! I was born small , let me have it all BIG OS*I brag different coz my case is different
Born champion”

She goes on to share a photo of herself just to prove to the slay queens that she indeed owns a car followed with the following statement,

“Incase y’aII wondered what car I drive now coz hampendi Kushindwa.”


She concludes with a little word of encouragement which leaves us wondering how a girl can claim to have  faith and love for big d*** at the same time.

“I KEEP telling you all …. EVERYONE is BLESSED…. JUST DIFFERENT timings , some blessings come early , some late … what you want is within you . Just have FAITH!”

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