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I lost my virginity at 23 – King Kaka’s wife Nana confesses

Media personality Nana Owiti had an interesting session with her fans after encouraging them to ask her any questions.

She did this in a QnA on her Instagram stories where she told curious fans that she is glad husband King Kaka is well and truly back ‘King Kaka ako sawa.Mali tumetoka ndio mbali. Thanks for asking’ She responded to a hows Kaka healthwise query.

She was also asked her biggest achievement this year. Nana said ‘This year has thrown a myriad of thins. Beautiful and super scary hivo hivo. Ive worked with MAJOR brands in the industry something I had dreamt about..I’m on a CAK tv advert you guys. I’m super grateful’

Another wanted to know something personal ‘At which age did you have your first relationship?’

She responded ‘I broke my virginity at 23. Men scared me maybe from traumas but I was never one to get entangled in s***ual relationships’

She was also asked to impart some advise to someone who is in her early 20’s.

Nana said ‘ times have changed but struggles remains the same. Now life doesn’t get easier but you will get more resilient. It’s a mindset thing. Self love isn’t selfish, love yourself so that it will illuminate on the outside.. after all that’s who you will be spending the rest of your life with. You may not have figured it out yet but but guess what? it’s ok. some of us are late bloomers. we figured some of it in our thirties as we still figure others are not in competition with anyone. only the person that looks back at you in the mirror. Reflect on that – no pun intended. Please don’t bet and if you have to do it do responsibly… your parents they may look like the enemy right now because you are probablyΒ  pursuing your freedom but mostly they are the only ones that will love you and support you unconditionally respect them and if you don’t live with them visit them often. they won’t be here forever, and neither will we so create memories. Take pictures, enjoy them, this wold owes you nothing. Entitelement wacha kwa gate yenu. Tke inventory of your friendships some friendships are just not meant to be… don’t force anyone to overstay their season… classify your frienships… wa sherehe usimueke inner circle. if you can find those that play both parts, treasure them, also guard your mouth and what you tell people, they can use it against you anytime, mwisho sherehe haishingangi cucu zetu walikula tulipata ikikuliwa na tutaicha ikikuliwa focus on what will fulfill you life’

She ended ‘I hope I helped’

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