“I Left My Wife Because She Was OVERLY RELIGIOUS” Cries Out a Troubled Kenyan Man (AUDIO)

Men, is your wife overly religious that she cramps your style?

This was the big question that Maina Kageni was asking men on his breakfast show, in regards to women who are too religious to the point where it affects their marriages or relationships.

According to the top radio presenter, overly religious people are always praying, contributing in kind or cash plus attending ‘kesha’ almost every week.

Apparently, it gets worse when the woman becomes born again after marriage, because it means there are things she will stop doing that to her will be ‘sinful’ or wrong, like getting kinky with her man.

Maina Kageni made it clear that he is a religious man and puts God first in everything, but he doesn’t go overboard like some men and women out there, especially when it comes to a point of ruining your marriage.

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In regards to this, a Kenyan man came out to reveal his super religious wife ruined their marriage because her religion took priority and he couldn’t take it anymore.

According to the caller, his wife used to be so religious and all about God that at one point, she used to accuse him of going to see a witch doctor whenever he would travel to the countryside because her fellow church members or pastor told her so.

Other than that, she would only trust her pastor so much that when he/she says that he’s cheating, she would start accusing him of having an extra-marital affair, which was not true.

The man one day had had enough and decided to walk out of the marriage. Listen to the full story below as the man narrates his ordeal to Maina Kageni.


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