‘I learnt later I was dating a lesbian’ reveals Kenyan guy

It’s been said that one never really knows their spouse 100 per cent.

That as marriage years continue, we all discover little secrets about our spouses that may hurt really bad.

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Picha inayohusiana

In a recent interview with Classic 105, a young man expressed how heartbroken he was. ‘My girlfriend cheated on me with my own blood sister,’ he said.

He had been dating this lady for three years hoping for marriage at the end of it. All that changed when he found out that the lover was dating his sister behind his back.

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 It could have been better if i found her with a man but not a girl, my own sister. I never knew she was a lesbian as we has a perfect relationship all through. After some time a friend of mine told me that he had found them together kissing. Upon asking her she denied all the allegations and said them to be rumors. Since I trusted and loved her a lot a give it a benefit of doubt. Then later that week I found out that it was true through their text messages. It hurt me so much since she was my first love and I never saw that coming any time soon. Am I not man enough for you? Is my sister better than me?’ He said this bitterly in tears.

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The girlfriend unfortunately wasn’t remorseful about her actions, blaming him for not being there for her. Furthermore, she told him off saying it’s her life and she will live it as she see’s fit.

She said it was normal to be a lesbian and for one to explore.

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These are some of the challenges that most relationships are facing in this century.

Should people be judged by who they are? Is it normal for people to fall in love with the same gender in this 21st century?

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