Isaac Mwaura and his wife Nelius Mwaura

‘I knew my son was no more’ Mukami Mwaura recalls son’s death 2 years ago

Nelius Mukami has taken to social media to share a heart wrenching tribute to her son who passed away 2 years ago.

Mukami, who is married to nominated senator Isaac Mwaura, recalled the day she received a call informing her that her son had died.

Two years ago … I got a call at 8am from Nairobi hospital NiCU asking me to rush to the hospital.

I asked how my baby was doing … the nurse kept quiet for a few seconds then she told me my baby was still in critical condition but she would rather that she talks to me in Person.


I knew what she meant. I knew my son was no more. 69 days of pain and suffering, with a heavy heart and overwhelming sadness.

I also felt some relief; that my baby wouldn’t have to go through all that suffering.

‘People say that I sacrificed my children’ Isaac Mwaura sadly narrates

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She adds that

I knew he was in a better place. He is forever a beautiful gift to us …

We will always remember him in our hearts and in his little brother we are reminded that Gods brings no sorrow with his blessing.

So we rejoice at the gift of a baby who was too beautiful for earth.
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Since the death of her kids Mukami  has taken the initiative of constantly talk about it to encourage other mothers who have lost their kids.

The surviving baby Njiru Mwaura recently celebrated his second birthday.


All we can say is that God has been gracious enough to the Mwaura’s despite losing their kids.


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