Jackie Chandiru

I insulted everyone and even escaped -Jackie Chandiru on rehab experience

“I did not like rehab when I was taken there. My life had drastically changed from the comfort of my home to this place. When I was being taken I insulted everyone. I even escaped and there was a search for me,”

Jackie Chandiru said

Gold digger singer Jackie Chandiru is based in Kenya for now pursuing a fresh music career.

The singer in an interview with Uganda tv and radio station below told of her terrible experience in rehab after drug addiction and how she has returned to her career after a hiatus.

‘My addiction started with a back problem. I was given an option between a drug and surgery. the surgery was 50/50, so I chose the drug. I was warned about its addictive nature but I decided to use it’

Jackie had been injecting herself with Pethidine that led to addiction. She was admitted at two facilities for rehab before coming to Kenya

used to inject myself with drugs and it got to a point where I was using 20 ampoules a day. I was spending up to UGX 500K a day’

she also added ‘My people called police in an effort to get me to a rehabilitation centre. My mother called the police after she saw the syringe I used to get the drugs in my body. I even let my dogs loose for the police’

Jackie added ‘

‘At one point I thought God was unfair, because a girl at my age shouldn’t have gone through what I went through and what made it worse is that I went through all that in the public eye’

Musically I’ve been based in Kenya for some time and yes I was singing though I was concentrating most on that market (Kenya) because my recovery happened when I was in Nairobi’

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