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I have not snatched anybody’s wife, Kabete MP says

Kabete MP George Muchai Tuesday denied stealing another man’s wife. Addressing a press conference yesterday, Muchai said the story is linked to the intrigues and illicit on-goings at the Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU)

He said some people are using tricks and are “hell bent” on removing him as deputy secretary general. He cited the front page story in Citizen Weekly saying, “It is reported that I have snatched and am stuck with somebody’s wife and the ‘bitter husband’ is threatening to spill the beans and has allegedly given me one week to keep off or he will expose the illicit love including photographs taken,” Muchai said at his office.

He was with his wife Susan Muchai to whom he said he has been happily married to for 30 years. They have five children.

Muchai said the story will soon be tracked back to COTU and he is planning to sue those involved for defamation

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