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I have not divorced Diamonds mother – Uncle Shamte tells haters



Rumors have been rife that Diamond Platnumz’ mother Sandra and her ben 10 husband have been separated.

The rumors seemed true because the couple have not been seen in public together yet they always love showing off their love on social media.

Over the weekend after attending a wedding with Sandra, Uncle Shamte was interviewed and asked to address the rumors.

In an interview with Refresh Wasafi TV, Uncle Shamte claimed that he did not marry Mama Dangote so that they could divorce.

‘kwetu talaka ni kitu cha thambi, sisi waislami talaka ni dhambi sio kitu kizuri sio kitu cha kushabikia sio kitu cha kushauri mimi nilisafiri, sis hatuko huko mimi nilisafiri tuu in short’ mimi nilisafiri sionekani si atitumeoana tuachane, mimi sionekani hatujaonaa kuachan tumeoana kwaajili ya kuishi,’

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Uncle claimed that his son Diamond owns around 67 buildings, which means that in the five years they lived together, Uncle Shamte oversaw the construction of 31 buildings.

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