Reformed rapist narrates his life in crime, ‘I regret what I did!’

A Kenyan man identified as Chock Dee has confessed that he was involved in raping women during his days as a house robber, something he deeply regrets.

Speaking during an interview heard by Classic 105, Dee said,

I raped so many women almost 15.

There were women who came around to preach and we would just rape them especially Jehovah Witness ones.

At the time I was not worried about using a condom. It is something I deeply regret but it already happened.

After that, I used to go into hiding for some time till things cool down.

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Asked why he would participate in such beastly acts Dee explained,

When you find yourself in drugs you are not be able to sit down and think what your actions are about. Whatever you see is good to me it looked OK.

After raping them I would just let them go.

At some point in my life I regretted so much over all the things I had done to those women.

Dee says that an incident at Karura Forest made him change his life.

We were taken to Karura forest and laid down in a line. After that they would shoot one person and skip the next and that is how I survived after they missed me.

I then decided to give my life to Christ.

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