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‘I have had 5 abortions, the last left me lying on the road with excruciating pain’ City woman confesses (AUDIO)

To abort or not to abort is the dilemma most young girls and women are faced with when unwanted pregnancy creeps in with, many end up doing it in secret.

The debate was ignited during the morning show on Classic 105 after a study showed that for every four women 1 women has had an abortion. 7 women and girls are dying daily because of carrying out unsafe abortion.

The study goes further to state that 330 women are hospitalized everyday and half of these are teenagers or younger and they  are hospitalized due to unsafe abortion.

Here is what the listeners had to say on the sensitive topic.

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'Beth' felt she had no choice but to risk a back-alley abortion in Nairobi. Photo / COURTESY

“My best maid died two years after my wedding after she went to have an abortion, on a different occasion a lady friend called me asking for Ksh 2000 so that she could go procure an abortion, on asking her who the baby daddy was, she refused to tell me so I opted to just blacklist her hence fourth, I was really frustrated with girls since then.

Another female caller narrated how she lost her relative in the hands of a quack doctor,she says

“My cousin was doing well for herself given the fact that she was running her own business, she sought the services of a doctor to procure an abortion, the doctor in question injected her with a syringe and told her to go home and wait while the medication did all the work (termination).

She bled very badly we traced her phone the last call she had made to her friend was on Wanyee road in Kawangware, we looked for her in every hospital and every mortuary. We eventually found her body in a plastic bag, she was severely amputated.”


She adds

“Her body has no legs and her hands were missing so that we would not check her finger prints because the quack doctor did not want us to identify him, it was a terrible incident and even though we already buried her we have never really known the truth.

My advice to girls and women is if you really want to procure an abortion seek professional help,i really do not understand why someone would even seek to terminate a pregnancy, every child is a gift and kila mtoto anakuja na sahani yake so just bring them up instead of terminating .”

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Another shocks listeners by candidly admitting that she has procured 5 abortions and that the last one left her so weak that she had to lie on the road in broad daylight.

“I had an unsafe abortion and I survived, a friend of mine also had the same but she died, she mixed a concoction of herbal medicines with some pills the doctor gave her and they backfired on her. I had warned her against taking the pills but she argued that since she had gone to the hospital with her mum, things would automatically be ok, sadly she died,

Abortions are good but they are also bad,personally I have procured 5 abortions  , I did all the five in the same clinic with the same doctor with just 2000 you are sorted. During my last abortion I bled alot, I had to sleep on the road and people actually thought that I was a mad woman.”

She concludes

“After my last experience I can never go back to procure an unsafe abortion 

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