‘I have even gone for classes to spice our bedroom life but he comes home drunk’ Cries city woman (Audio)

A woman has left many in shock after a video she features in went viral. In the video, she is sadly confessing how her man has denied her conjugal rights for 2 years.

She says

“The last two years have been rocky, this is because we have been in a s#xless marriage for the last two years. It all started after he started coming home claiming he is tired and that he just wants to go and sleep.

My matrimonial bed has been very cold and I don’t know what to do anymore. I am depressed sad  my marriage is breaking apart and I am very scared.

I am now looking for another option, wondering if there is another remedy within the law, because I am out of options now.”

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Maina Kageni gave his fans an opportunity to contribute on the issue

“There are a lot of things that make a man not sleep with his wife. Maybe he finds her unattractive or fat maybe he has another lover out there or maybe the transformer is out of batteries. There are many options.”

Another male fan says

“We should flip the other side of the coin before jumping into conclusions. Maybe the woman cannot bear children and the man is frustrated or maybe the man found out something about the woman.”

Another male fan adds that men are constantly in competition thus they at times do not have  time for s#x.

Marriage is not all about s#x

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Another female fan confessed that she has also been [denied her conjugal rights for the last 1 year.

“I am also in the same predicament. As a woman you try so much to spice things in the bedroom but he always has excuses on how he is going through alot.

Personally I have even gone for classes but he always comes home drunk around 10 or 11pm 

It’s years since he gave me my conjugal rights even in the morning when I try to initiate s#x he will say that he is in a rush that he has things to do.

What are you supposed to do as a woman? He is even called at night by other women. I have been toying with the idea of leaving him and find someone else.

Whenever you touch him he says he is not in the mood. I have tried my best so now I will walk away because after all I need my happiness.”

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