‘I have already packed, come get your children,’ Kate Actress tells husband

Celebrity couples Abel Mutua and Phil Karanja’s ‘swapped’ wives.
The drama started after Phil shared a photo posing with Judy Nyawira, Abel’s wife and said he was tired of his wife’s (Kate Actress) behaviour.

“Wadau hata Kama ni wewe unaweza kaa na mtu ana twerk akikunywa mizinga mbele ya Kenya yote . I Am officially #DISCONNECTED,” he wrote.

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Judy reposted the photo and captioned;
“I love you Phillip!” she wrote.

Kate commented on the photo saying she has packed and is ready to ‘leave’.

I have already packed 😩 come get your children 😭. Is it because my thighs clap when I walk 😭”


Abel also posted a pic posing with Kate Actress,
“Finally!!! I get to have MEAT! I’m definitely coming for that dinner love!!! @kate_actress.
The mother of two (Kate) posted a pic she took with Abel and captioned it,
“Happy 30mins Anniversary my love, where do I even start? Nway come home dinner is ready sweetheart.❤️❤️ @abelmutua. Yours truly Kate Mkurugenzi …

Well, we all know that they are joking and playing around with our minds;


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