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‘I have a strange question,’ whispers Janet Mbugua to her fans

Janet Mbugua has been away on social media for a few days now and she’s back with a reason. Make that, with a good vibe on and very curious.

The former TV news anchor asked her followers what kind of questions they would like to ask about her and her husband, Eddie Ndichu.

In a post, she hinted that she could be working on some interesting stuff.

I know I’ve been a bit quiet on social media…will explain soon! In the meantime I have a strange question but one that I’m curious about all the same: if my hubby and I were ever to do a Q&A, what questions would you have for each of us? Planning to shoot a Q&A soon.”

Janet Mbugua and Eddie Ndichu

She is also giving her haters a warning to keep off her post as she is not welcoming them in her life.

Please leave out any negativity, this page is for people who LIKE my page not those that follow just to leave annoying and offensive comments.”

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Here are some of the questions her followers would like to ask…

Cyndy Cynt: Did you ever confuse your husband and his twin? And did they ever set a Prank on you?

Mary Kala: Do you two have arguments, and so far have u ever faced any great challenge and felt like u want to give up?

Caroline Mukundi: Do you both sometimes feel the pressure to live or conform to a certain way of life that the people expect you to live?

Lorreen Ritho: What are some of the challenges you and your husband face during the courtship period??

Benson Onyango: Is your husband cheating on you?


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