‘I have a Kenyan wife’ Mr Nice shyly admits he’s in love


Legendary Tanzanian musician Mr Nice landed the jackpot in the form of a Kenyan wife.

He shyly admitted to Classic’s Maina Kageni that for the years he has been in Kenya, he has had a Kenyan wife and they have two children.

He spoke lovingly about her in an exclusive interview about his career, love and future plans after covid.

‘I have a Kenyan wife and she makes me love Kenya so much. For now she lives in Australia. I have two children with her,’

When prodded further about her, he coyly refused insisting on talking about his music.

Mr Nice in classic studio 21st July, 2020

Mr Nice has faced scandal after scandal from accusation by commercial s3x workers alleging he sought their services to poisoning and being broke, and partying hard, the bongo singer spoke all about these allegations.

Is he living in shame as has been the case on social media?

‘Niko tuu, nina pambana na hali yangu, I am healthy and that’s what matters’ he added

He was also accused of being an alcoholic, even declaring how rich he is and will drink to his last coin.

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