Eddy Kimani

“I had it all, fame, celebrity status, before everything came crumbling down’ Former TV host Eddy Kimani narrates

Former media personality Eddy Kimani has finally opened up on how infidelity cost him his marriage in a candid talk on Engage.

He was loved by many during his hey days, not only for his good looks but for his charisma when presenting shows on TV.

Kimani who got a job as a communications director for Nakuru County in 2014, thought life was on the up.

Eddy Kimani
Eddy Kimani

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Little did he know that at the age of 39, he would be alone and living with his mother after separating with his wife.

“For 15 years I enjoyed a good run in the media career,” Kimani opened up at the Engage Talk last week.

I had it all, fame, celebrity status and a career that I dreamt of, it is also in this 15 years that I also met my wife, Nyambura and we were blessed with two kids,” he added.

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Eddy Kimani during his wedding
Eddy Kimani during his wedding

According to Kimani, it is the new appointment in Nakuru County that weighed him down because the income was less than he was used to getting thus he couldn’t relocate with his family.

While in Nakuru, he took a loan with the aim of setting up a business which was to supplement his income but it failed and debts piled up.

“I was kicked out of my rented apartment twice and my items were auctioned once.”

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Eddy Kimani
Eddy Kimani

It is during that time that he also cheated on his wife and when she learnt of his deceit, his marriage fell apart.

“One thing led to another and I betrayed my marriage and I separated with my wife and this killed me every single day. The consequences were dire and I felt broken,” he said.

“I told my mum that I failed, it was extremely painful and several times I wanted to let go but my mum stood by me, she was the beacon of my life,” he said.

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At this time, all of his friends deserted him. In 2017, after his stint in the county came to an end, Kimani moved to Diani, Mombasa where he met Peter who owned a bakery and he describes their meeting as his “Damascus moment.”

“It is Peter who prayed and kept on pushing me to go back home which I eventually did, after my wife who I had never spoken to for a long while asked me to attend a school meeting for our firstborn.”

He now says that he is back at home and working at reconciling with his wife and family.

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