‘I had been saying no for 20 years’, Eunice Njeri opens up on why she ended her marriage with rapper

Gospel singer Eunice Njeri has finally opened up on why she had to cut short her wedding to rapper Izzo in the US in 2016.  Njeri and rapper Isaac Bukasa aka Izzo wedded on November 27 in a Texas churc,h but she ended the relationship days later.

In a recent interview with Talk Central, Njeri has now opened up on the issue saying that she even fall sick during the time.

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“I know I am not perfect and Isaac was not perfect and that is why I always don’t want to talk about the whole issue because it was a very sensitive issue. I was with my heart at the time, also at the same time I was very sick. I had fibroids. Bleeding a lot and at the same time I thought I should get married, I was like maybe I should do this, why am I saying no? I have been saying no for 20 years, maybe its time to say yes, you know. And in that mix of being sick, being in the hospital and getting all these transfusions, I had a whole confusion time.


Confusion made me rush into decisions I wouldn’t have made. And last year I had to have surgery and I was in the hospital for quite a while. And after the surgery is when I thought ‘Nothing in this world should make you ever make a decision like that even if its sickness because you are gonna hurt many people.’ Which I did,” She said on Talk Central.


She went on to say that she doesn’t regret her move despite the countless criticism she faced during that time and even today.

“I don’t have any regret.  The thing is that my story is different, your story is different. I just choose my story to teach me what God wants me to learn. People judge me too fast, maybe it’s because God has put me on a pedestal. My story is a story on conquering things that people would not conquer… what I have learnt in my journey is to walk with Jesus and to learn that God is in my story. When I am seeking him and when I am not seeking him, he is there,” Eunice added.

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