‘I Had An Extra-marital Affair With My Sister in-law Now She Has My Baby, Can I Sue Her For Trapping Me?’ Cries Out Nakuru Man

Stories of men sleeping with their female relatives have been rampant of late. From their biological mothers to sister-in-laws and even aunties, something needs to be done about these men.

A Kenyan man, who has a roving eye is in deep trouble, after impregnating his sister -in-law. The Nakuru-based man, who is married and has four daughters, is confused on whether to accept his newly-born son or not. He wrote to a popular city lawyer Harold Ayodo for help.

“I am a married man in a complicated situation that I perpetually regret getting myself into. I had an extra-marital affair with my sister in-law (elder sister to my wife).

We had an agreement to maintain secrecy as our affair would be a major scandal that would tear apart the family.

Unfortunately, she became pregnant and delivered a baby boy last month. I have a feeling that she trapped me with the baby and would want to know whether I can legally walk out on her.

My other predicament is to snub the baby boy as my wife has four girls – having a boy is however, celebrated in my community.

Can I sue her for trapping me with a baby? What can my wife do if she knows? Ben, Nakuru.”


Here is the lawyer’s response;

“No. It is not legally possible to walk out on the baby you biologically fathered.

Moreover, the argument that you were ‘trapped’ with a baby does not hold in law. Moreover, the Constitution provides that everything must be done for the best interest of the child.

As the biological father, the law expects that you and the mother provide for the maintenance and up keep of the child until he reaches at least 18 years old.

On the flip side, your situation is complicated – just as you have said – as the fathering of a child out of wedlock amounts to adultery – a ground your wife may use if she decides to divorce or separate from you for sleeping with her elder sister.

Finally, it would not be possible to sue her for allegedly ‘trapping’ you with a baby as it would be hard to prove your allegations in a court of law.”

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