Sarah Ikumu

‘I got to perform at Britain’s Got Talent by sheer chance’ Says Sarah Ikumu

Sarak Ikumu caught the worlds attention in 2017, after appearing in Britain’s got talent and wooing the judges with her performance, at a tender age.

Speaking about her experience on Classic 105, Sarah – who is the last born of two kids – says she was reluctant at firs,t but she is glad she participated.

“My parents have always been supportive. In 2011 I moved to Kenya for three years before moving back to the UK to pursue my music dreams.

I realized I loved music at a tender age because unlike other kids I used to play with karaokes microphones so my parents always knew I would end up doing music.

At age five people always complemented my good voice. My first crowd was a church audience. I was really confident so they were excited given they had never had me sing.”

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Sarah Ikumu

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On her performance at Britain’s got talent, Sarah Ikumu says

“I used to do gigs in London and there was one gig where I did three songs and a few days later a guy who worked with Britain’s Got Talent asked if I could go for an audition.

I do not like competitions, so I was reluctant about it so was my mum, but I just decided to go for it. I was nervous but I did it though it was very hectic.

I was very happy with the response. Performing before Simon ‘The harsh judge’ I made a point of focusing on my singing, so I was not thinking about Simon at that time.

I never thought I would go that viral because I had also told a few people about it but the number of Kenyans who supported me was over whelming. I am working on producing my own music.”

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