‘I got my wife after offering her free rides for a year’ Brags boda boda rider

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni was left in shock after boda boda riders confessed that they get women effortlessly given their line of work.

Many were unapologetic

Here is what one boda boda rider had to say

I am a boda boda guy in Kawangware and its not our fault its just how the women respond.

A woman will ask you for your number so that akichelewa unambeba.

Not long after she will get so used to you mpaka when someone else offers to carry her she will say NO.

‘We make them vibrate’ Boda boda guys reveal why women love them

shocked meme

Mazoeano ikianza you offer to buy her lunch and since you have created a rapport she won’t say no and that is when you start talking.

I met my baby mama while carrying her on my boda boda while she was in form four.

I started carrying her for free till she cleared school and now she is mine.I would give her lifts ,buy her lunch and pay off little debts here and there.

How else would I have been paid back?

When you put one gear ,1,4,5 the boda boda must vibrate and she will cling to you.When you get to a bump you brake so hard so that she can hold you tighter.

She is now mine.

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Another guy who was a boda guy says

The vibration can only happen in a boda boda because you are sitting in the middle,the middle goes from the spinal cord to the brain.

I never liked married ladies but it can be tempting because the woman will start telling you how bad her husband is .

That is what makes the boda guys fall into the arms of these women.

Another caller adds

Women love men who drive,whether you ride a car or a donkey a woman will fall for you.

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