‘I got drained..crushed’ Neomi Nganga reveals depression struggles


Actress Neomi Nganga has returned to social media after a long absence to reveal she was depressed.

She admitted she struggled with the condition when she was handling her biggest project Miss Plus World.

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She voiced her mental health struggles in a long post alert on returning to social media.

#part1 #long post Alert ❗️ WOOOW !!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
(I know I know 😂) Sooo….Today I want to remove the glam and everything, and just be Neomi. Am happy 2020 is here but let’s take it a back, 2019.
It’s funny how people see pics in the social media and sums it we have it all figured out yet we don’t.
I was amongst the people who knew 2019 was their year, but again if there was a year I was beaten down then it’s that year.
I stood in platforms balancing tears and smiled in places where I was put literally crashed.
You know the way we are excited about our plans, and then they don’t go the way we plan?, Then frustration and disappointments come in so hard!! I was there..
There were moments I didn’t want to talk to people i just wanted my space, I had this huge Project in front of me.. #MISSPLUSWORLD but the fear and the questions of , “how will I do it “ where do I start ?got in me … and I just didnt trust myself anymore,

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Neomi landed the role as Executive Director for the Miss Plus World, and she was lauded for her passion. she penned more thoughts about depression.

…. Many were the sleepless nights ..Tears battling with myself..whether I should Drop it .. and forget about it.. because I didn’t know how to do it …(it was my FIRST huge project ever in my life !🙈) Then I remembered my purpose drive and why God choose me to be the one to drive it …to be the one to lead this project… …it’s because I was the chosen one! And he had it all figured and All I needed to do is just “TO TRUST HIM”

Neomi’s insecurities threatened her family and friends relationships.

My women who! look up to me .. to feed them with lots of inspiration.. I remember the The vision started as being for plus size women only but as I was in this journey I realized that we are all women !As women we don’t have boundaries we all battle the same thing and their was a societal segregation that didn’t allow all of us to come [email protected] Is for all of us women to look at each other as sisters who can love and encourage each other

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And this is what kept me going…..🙏 I was so caught up with a lot of things .. I got overwhelmed with my emotions !FINANCES and that really affected everything around me … my friends ,my family,mybusiness ,my Brand immensely… I got drained..crushed en I lost myself…..

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