A Ugandan woman kneeling before her man

“I give my man sh100k a month” Woman tells about her submissiveness


A March 25th speech from Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu about being submissive to a man was the topic of discussion on Thursday April 8. It inspired many men to tell Maina Kageni that Kenyan women are filled with pride, and should borrow a leaf from Suluhu.

Too much pride that when they get into positions of power they forget their men and become ‘kichwa ngumu’.

But Maina wouldn’t hear any of this and defended Kenyan women saying they act up because men treat them badly, including cheating on them. He advised that “if you are good to a woman, she will be so good to you too”.

Co host Mwalimu told him off saying “there is no Kenyan woman who can be like this. she goes to Vera beauty college, gets a certificate and it is a wrap on your relationship. Amejifunza pedicure anmanicure amepiga hesabu anaona she doesn’t need you, she says naona ikiiisha”.

A woman told of how submissive she is to her broke husband as she considers him the head of the house inspite of her massive wealth.

 “When I married my husband, he was broke, he had only 1 trouser and 1 shirt. I was this lady who had graduated with a good job, I stuck with him and to date he has not made it.I finance him. I give him a hundred thousand shillings a month,  to go and have fun with his friends. I have bought him a car, people think the cars are his and I don’t tell anyone but it’s me who bought all this property. Even my own parents don’t know I own all this property. I would never tell them , I would rather protect his image, Our Bible tells us that men are the priests, woman have to submit. He has the PIN to all my accounts, if I earn a bonus he knows how much and what I do with it, he knows all these things, when I get some money from my chama, he know how much. When you hoard money, it hurts you more than the people you are hiding from, it’s so reliving and you live happier than hiding. I know my position. I’m the neck and he is the head. ‘

President Samia Suluhu on March admitted she still kneels and submits to her husband when serving him food.

She made this known in a video on social media where she said kneeling before her husband to show submission and honour would not make her inferior to him but was rather a sign of love and affection.suluhu bodugaurd 1

She said; “Some of you will say we are equal in all aspects of society, No! That’s not the right position. Even as vice president, I will kneel before my husband. I don’t kneel because I am inferior, it’s because of love and affection.

Don’t leave this tradition so we can strengthen the bond of our families and bring up our children through good manners.”

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