‘I gave birth naturally I did not have an operation,’ Singer Avril reveals

Avril has kept her baby daddy a secret plus her son’s face.

In an interview heard by this writer, she opened up on her motherhood journey and addressed the issues of the relationship between her and J Blessing, plus allegations he is her baby daddy.


Those are just rumors but I will not clarify or talk about it. J Blessing and I have a very good working relationship.

He has actually shot 4 of my videos.

Before she unleashed pictures of her baby bump, so many rumors were circulating by KOT ranging from her baby daddy to how she gave birth. Many people had speculated that Avril had a CS but today she opened up saying that those are just lies.

i gave birth naturally. i did not have an operation so for those who are busy saying i had a CS, it’s a lie

So why did Avril hide her pregnancy?

i did not want the story on my baby to come out from anyone else. I wanted to be the one to break it.


Avril is happy that her baby daddy is very much present in her son’s life but it’s sad they will not be a family because life is as it is.

I always wanted a family, but sometimes life happens. however I do not regret that I ended up with a baby daddy rather than a complete family.

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