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“I Found Used Condoms Under Our Matrimonial BED But I Can’t LEAVE Him” Cries Out a Married Kenyan Lady (AUDIO)

Girls, what would you do if you found used condoms under your matrimonial bed and it wasn’t you who used them with your husband or boyfriend?

This is the dilemma that one certain woman is going through after she found out used condoms in her bedroom and when she asked the man, he claimed that it was his friend who used the room. Funny I know!

Maina Kageni was discussing the issue of men who cheat, on his popular breakfast show, after some male callers revealed that it hurts more when their women cheat on them.

Different men called in to give their experiences where their wives were unfaithful as some of them took the chance to criticize women who stray, and in the middle of the conversation, a woman shocked listeners when she confessed that she knows her man cheats but she can’t leave.

According to the anonymous lady, she has severally found used condoms in her bedroom and when she questions her husbands where they came from, he gives lame excuses.

At one point, he told her that it was his friends who used the bedroom and left the condoms there, and another time, he found a woman in their house after he had lied that he’s with the cousins.

This woman has been married for 10 years and despite all the cheating evidence, she still can’t leave the husband after all the hurtful things he’s done to her. Find out why this is so in the shocking audio below.




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