‘I forgot my wife was in church with me and I drove this girl to a hotel and got intimate with her, nimerogwa? Immoral ‘Christian’ man asks

Men are known to create a hundred and one excuses when they are caught cheating but one man can’t explain why or how he cheated on his wife.

Funny as it may seem the man argues that ni kama aliwekewa juju. The irony of it all is that he only realized all this after he had taken the woman in question to a motel and showcased his bedroom prowess.

“I cheated on my wife with a church girl. These church girls are very smart and fast too. I can’t even remember how it happened but it just happened so fast. I got into the church with my wife and I got a call so I stepped out to answer the call, I had to walk far because of the noise, went inside my car, saw a girl at the back of my car answering calls too.


When I finished I walked and asked her for her name she told me and we started discussing. Do you know I forgot my wife was in church with me, I drove this girl to a hotel close by and we had s3x and that was it. Everything happened so fast. It was even my wives calls that reminded me to rush back to church. I feel so foolish and I did not use protection, I think I was hypnotized, it is not normal.”

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Here are some of the comments of people lashing out at the man for his lack of self control and blaming it on satan.
minetuto: You have slept with an evil spirit, its not hypnosis, you lack discipline and self control, i only pity your wife and i pray you wont transfer the evil in your body to her

jonnathan_candy: You men r weak . Just falling for anything 🤨

beatrice_erwat: we have to organize deliverance session for him fast fast. He is still redeemable.

ruqoyah6: Just get ready to have a second wife bcos she will soon show up with pregnancy.

timi_ejoh: It’s normal, u cheated on ur wife.. N nothing else. May God help u, bcos u do not fear God

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