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‘I first bought the key,’ Betty Bayo shares how long it took her to own a car

Singer Betty Bayo has revealed that she was once a hawker in Nairobi.
Betty says she always admired owning a car and therefore worked very hard.
She even revealed that the first thing she bought was car keys which she carried with her for over three years.

Her friends and fans thought she owned a car but it was not the case.
Sharing her testimony about how she took a step of faith Betty recounted how she once faked a phone call in a matatu so people could think she had left her car in a garage.
Only for her that to backfire when her phone ran smack in the middle of her charade.

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Betty Bayo in pink
Check out her long post.
“Today I want to share aka story on my journey of faith. One day I was hawking in town Safaricom lines … that day the sales were so good nlimake 700bob was so excited coz I had a dream to work hard and buy a car but now 700bob utolewe gari wapi.
 I took a step of faith walk in a shop that was selling car keys .. believe you me I first bought a car key as a step of faith it’s was a Honda. I walked with that key daily for 3 yrs. I remember one day, nlijichocha kwa mat by calling imaginary mechanic kumkelelesha eti kwanini hakunishow service ya gari was to take the whole day now I had to take am mat home .🤣🤣🤣 unfortunately, simu ikapigwa na ilikua full volume and everyone laughed wakajua I was faking the call ..but that did not stop me from dreaming .. oibo people say …fake till you make it.”

Betty Bayo wearing headwrap
Betty Bayo wearing headwrap

Betty encouraged her fans to always have faith.
“The bible says faith without action is dead. Sometimes faith makes you look stupid but do not listen to people focused on God and your dreams.
Share your story of faith you might inspire a bro or sis somewhere.”

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